The 5 most common types of cancer in women

To know what the More common types of cancer in women Is necessary. We do not pretend to alarm, but to inform and make us aware of a common reality where prevention is paramount.

A healthy life, periodic reviews and away from habits as dangerous as tobacco will undoubtedly prevent many of these diseases. It should also be remembered here that the word cancer Is not always synonymous with death . Cancer is a disease that can be treated, which requires effort, encouragement, social support and a lot of strength to face it.

Millions are Women who overcome cancer Throughout the year, so it's worth preventing. It is important that we devote 3 minutes of our time to this simple reading, to know what are the most frequent types of cancer in women.

1. Breast cancer

Breast Self-Examination

Breast cancer is undoubtedly the highest incidence among us. However, it is also important to note something important: It is the one that has the most survival.

We know that in your social circle you know more than one woman who has suffered. It is possible, too, that you have lost someone dear to this terrible disease, but science is advancing, and today, many women survive breast cancer. Self-exploration and mammograms are key factors for early detection. Here we leave you some Signs and symptoms That you must take into account:

  • Note in the chest , Nipple or armpit a nodule that, previously, was not.
  • Pain in the chest when we feel.
  • Reshaping in one of the breasts.
  • Irregularities on the skin: Change of color, ulcers, orange peel...
  • Note that you have less mobility in one of your breasts when you raise your arms.
  • Note, for example, that one of the nipples appears somewhat sunken.

2. Colon cancer


Colon cancer Is the second with more incidence In the women. It may seem surprising to you, but it is a very serious reality and we must consider. Its incidence is also very high in men.

What causes it? What is its cause? To this day we have no clear conclusions. Almost all colon cancers usually start with Polyps Not cancerous in the colon. If they are not removed or detected in time, they are cancerous. It's a risk. Hence the importance of being very attentive to its symptoms:

  • Blood in the stool .
  • Abdominal pain.
  • General malaise, with heavy digestions and a very pronounced fatigue.
  • Weightloss inexplicable.
  • Have diarrhea and constipation In very frequent periods. Our bowel movements are never normal, and are almost always very thin.

3. Gynecological cancer

Ovarian cancer

Within gynecological cancer they would enter, as you know, Ovarian and cervical cancer . Here, prevention and periodic reviews are vital. They are little more than minor tests that can save lives. To do this, you have only to schedule with your gynecologist those annual appointments with which to rule out any problem.

We show you what are the most common symptoms:

  • Irregular bleeding. It is, without a doubt, the first sign of alarm. Bleed outside the the menstruation Is something that we must immediately put in the knowledge of our doctor. Also take care of those very abundant or irregular menses.
  • Lose weight Inexplicably.
  • Pelvic pain . This symptom may be a possible sign of ovarian cancer, so never overlook any discomfort in the pelvis or abdomen, gas or cramping.
  • Different vaginal discharge , With a darker tint or with a very intense odor. It is a sign of a possible infection.
  • Constant fatigue . We do not know the cause, but there is no day when we do not start the day with a marked fatigue and arrive at night almost without strength.

4. Lung cancer


It is one of the most common types of cancer in women. However, in recent years the incidence is beginning to be more worrying, since it is one of the highest mortality rates in both men and women. We must keep this in mind.

80% of the cases have their origin in tobacco. Smoking or even being exposed to places or situations in which we inhale smoke Has serious consequences on our health. It is also something we can avoid, habits that we must abandon because, in the long term, can bring us many diseases.

Today The number of female smokers has risen sharply . It seems that something is failing in the advertising campaigns or that the message is not arriving as it should. Avoid it, for your own health and for the tranquility of your own! We will inform you about any of the symptoms below:

  • A cough persistent.
  • Chest pain on coughing.
  • Whistling in the chest when breathing.
  • Fatigue.
  • Weightloss.
  • Presence of blood when coughing.
  • Feeling that we lack the air.
  • Snoring during the night.

5. Skin Cancer

Moles_ Skin cancer is also an increasingly worrying reality. Our habit of lying in the sun in the summer without adequate protection is causing the appearance of these Malignant carcinomas . What if we learn to identify those most dangerous moles? For this, never forget the simple rule "A B C D E"

  • A of Asymmetry : A benign mole should always be symmetrical.
  • B of Edge: The edges should always be regular. If you see imperfections, go to your dermatologist.
  • C Color: Be careful if you see any brown, red, blue or black spot on your moles.
  • D Diameter: If your mole is more than 6 millimeters wide, go to the doctor.
  • E of Evolution: If you see that your mole is changing, go to the doctor.

Will you remember?

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