The 8 commandments for healthy snacking between hours

An hour and a half ago we had breakfast and, suddenly, The emptiness appears in the stomach, That voracious sensation where the desire to eat some sweet, some salty snack or something that surely will do much damage to our conscience and to our waist arise.

What can we do? Is it possible to sting healthy between hours and not â € œwill dieâ €? in the attempt? Of course. We explained how to get it, without too much effort and without having to regret having skipped your diet. Always remember these 8 commandments!

1. Pica only when you have to do it

Nail biting

The first rule for healthy snacking between hours and not getting fat is knowing that we should only do it twice a day:

  • Two hours after your breakfast .
  • Two hours before your dinner.

The biggest danger of the classic"pecking"is to do it with descontrol . You should know that our body needs fixed schedules to regulate its functions, hence it is always recommended to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. If we also get used to these"small meals"between hours nothing will happen, as long as they are healthy and in the same time slots.

2. Forbidden foods

Chocolate thread

As curious as it turns out, when it comes to snacking between hours, we always crave the same things, and surely you imagine what they are:

  • Something with chocolate .
  • Very salty snacks.
  • Smoothies or soft drinks.
  • Chips.
  • Sweet.

They are foods with intense flavors and, in addition, they alleviate our anxiety but, far from quenching our hunger, raise it and also make us fat. You must be aware that they are not adequate and that you must remove them from your list today.

3. Take care of the quantities


Choose something that is satiating, that does not exceed 200 calories and that, in turn, has an attractive color and flavor . People get carried away a lot by the visual stimuli and the flavor so, before resorting to the classic chocolate bar, choose a piece of fruit that you have previously prepared in a more attractive way. An example?

  • A green apple cut into small pieces with a spoonful of natural Greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon .Delicious!

4. Plan your"snacks"

Salad-watermelon-mint cheese - 300x380

You know you're going to get hungry in the middle of the morning, so you can get ready with what you're going to take that day and what you know is healthier than what you can peck at home. Do you want more examples?

  • A natural strawberry smoothie.
  • A bowl with whole grains.
  • A bowl with a grated carrot with a little lemon and two nuts.
  • A yogurt ice cream.
  • A rye bread vegetable sandwich.
  • A Kiwi Cut into small pieces with two nuts.
  • Sliced ​​watermelon with a little fresh low fat cheese.

5. Accompany your pickles with water

Drinking water

To sting healthy the last thing we must do is to accompany what we eat With a soda . Never do it, no matter how much you feel like it! A bottle of Water Fresh. It is nice and feels great.

6. Satiating and nutritious foods

Fruit salad

The danger we usually run when it comes to snacking between hours is that we always end up choosing foods high in fat and, in addition, leave us hungry. We often buy the classic chips Of the vending machines, and we assure you that few things can be more counterproductive to our line.

The ideal for healthy snacks is that you"get ready"from home , As we have pointed out previously. Choose foods that are satiating, such as an apple, whole wheat bread, nuts or even a yogurt. They are allies for your line and much more nutritious than a"bag of chips".

7. Do not notice what others eat


I'm sure it happened to you sometime. You are working and suddenly a partner arrives Offering you a snack, a sweet or some chocolate . How to refuse? In the end, it even ends up convincing you to go buy something together and you see yourself pecking at what you should not.

Do not be put off. Always resort to what you bring from home and that you have previously prepared. It is better for your health and not to take those extra pounds.

8. Take your time


Did you know that The feeling of satiety takes 20 minutes to reach our brain ? So, always remember to chew slowly and calmly to encourage salivation, thus helping food to reach the stomach properly and we can absorb nutrients more easily.

We already know that at work Not always easy Have those 20 minutes to eat with calm, and we always end up eating the first thing we see and as quickly as possible. However, it is a matter of raising awareness. If you have little time, resort to that apple to chew it calmly and as far as you get. Even if you can not eat it whole, it will satisfy you much more than a bag of chips and it will be much healthier.

Then you can put a bottle of natural juice on your table and drink slowly. As you see, healthy snacking between hours is possible. Worth a try and above all... Go prepared with something from home!

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