The 8 strangest sexual traditions in the world

Many times certain cultures surprise us because they are completely different from ours. And sometimes they even shock us. In this article we will tell you which are the strangest sexual traditions (from the western point of view) of the world. They are really curious!

What are the strangest sexual traditions?

From our perspective, there are many custom that we can not understand or that we find aberrant. The same can think those who do not think or act like us. We tell you below about some stranger sexual traditions:

1. Sex outside marriage with 'permission'

In Iran you can not have sex before you get married or be unfaithful to your husband or wife. However, there is one exception: the one known as 'temporary marriage' whereby a man pays a tax in order to legalize before the law the amorous adventures he has outside of marriage.

Without this legal document, the couple can not rent a room in a hotel for example. Married men can get this permission as many times as they want to be with the lovers they want.

But in the case of women, to request the ' singheh '(As it is known in the country) must be divorced or widowed. If they are single or married they can not apply to have a temporary union.

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2. Community sexual rituals

In an aboriginal tribe of Haiti, in Central America, it is possible to witness a celebration not suitable for minors. This ritual, carried out during the month of July in the waterfalls of Saut d'Eau, has as its object to adore the goddess of love.

And how do they do it? The appointment takes place in a large outdoor space. First cows and goats are slaughtered. Then, all take off their clothes and have sexual relations 'in view of others'. It does not matter if they know each other or not, if there are singles or married... everything is allowed here.

3. Loaned couples

Be careful if you travel to certain areas of the Arctic, because you can experience one of the strangest and most curious sexual traditions in the world: the loan of couple . As soon as you arrive at the house of an Eskimo family, the owner of the home offers his own wife to spend the night.

And the strangest thing of all is that if the visitor does not accept, it is taken as an offense that can even be paid with death. For the host, lending to their partner is an act of generosity and cordiality towards the newcomer.

4. Brothers with the same wives

Since we are talking about wives' loans, we can mention what happens in Nepal. To understand why this practice we must first understand what day-to-day life is like in that country. There the land for agriculture and livestock is very scarce and families that have more than one male child have problems dividing the land.

So, the 'solution' they have found is that of Choose a woman to be the wife of all the sons. In this way, they live in harmony and together in the same territory. Even the children that they have are accepted by the spouses as their own.

5. Being a virgin is not a virtue

In many cultures, it is necessary for a woman to be a virgin to marriage. But this is not the case everywhere, but the opposite is expected. In Guam and several islands of the Pacific Ocean, young women can not be inexperienced when they get married. Therefore, they must 'practice' several times before living with their husband.

There are men who dedicate themselves to teaching to women so that they lose their virginity and know how to enjoy their future partners.

6. Theft of handcuffs

Another of the strangest sexual traditions that go beyond the 'temporary loan'. In Niger, there is a tribe called bororo in which it is permissible for one man to steal another's wife.

The marriages there they are arranged by the parents since their children are children and must be yes or yes between cousins ​​of the same lineage. But, when the Gerewol Annual Festival takes place, they paint and put on special costumes to impress the women.

During the traditional dance, if a man can 'sneak out' with another's wife undetected, then they go on to form a socially recognized couple.

7. The man who impersonates the woman

Another of the strangest sexual traditions also takes us to Haiti, where If a man wishes to have sex but does not have a wife, nor is there any woman available, he resorts to a figure known as 'el mahu'.

It is a homosexual man who dresses as a female and who is socially accepted due to his work or work for the male people.

8. Infidelity and its consequences

Beyond the fact that in some countries it is permissible for a man to marry many women (polygamy) or vice versa (polyandry), there are also others in which they care enough to avoid cheating.

For example, in the Bantu tribe in Africa, l Men put poison on their penis before having sex with their wife, to prevent her from intimacy with others.

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In Hong Kong, if a woman discovers that her husband was unfaithful, she can kill him, as long as it is with her own hands. And in Tanzania, it is permissible for a woman to have many lovers, but only if the husband does not know.

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