The best stretching exercises that will help you lose weight

The best stretching exercises that will help you lose weight

Did you know that there are some stretching exercises that will help you lose weight? Although we believe that stretching does not lose weight, everything depends on the exercises we perform. Today we are going to discover some of the most effective and their variants. So you do not have any more excuses for not being in shape!

The stretches that we are going to talk about are sure that you have done them before. However, We recommend that you always accompany them with some exercise , like jogging or walk a little so that losing weight is much more effective.

Stretch the twins

Stretches that will help you lose weight

One of the stretching exercises that will help you lose weight is to stretch the twins . Something fundamental, especially to avoid cramping. We have a wide variety of options to be able to take this stretch out. Let's see some of them:

  • Stride forward: We will take a big stride keeping your feet flat against the ground and your back straight. We will flex the front leg, making the twin stretch. We will not lift the heel at any time: otherwise, the stretch will be lost.
  • Foot in flex: Seated and with the legs stretched we are going to put the feet in flex, that is to say, instead of in tip, we will pull the foot towards the leg until it is in an upright position . We will notice how the twin is stretched and we can try to touch the tips of the feet with our hands. This will enhance it.

Stretching your back

Stretching your back is another of the stretching exercises that will help you lose weight . For this, we also have several options. Let's see some of the most effective:

  • The cobra: This position is done upside down, putting the hands at chest height and raising the trunk while we stretch our arms and look towards the ceiling. We will try to lower the pelvis to the ground and keep the shoulders relaxed .
  • Posture of the cow and the cat: Putting ourselves in four supports, with the shoulders relaxed, we will take the back up pressing the gluteus. Afterwards, we will do the opposite. We will bring the head up and the glutes will push them out.

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Stretch the legs

Other type of exercises stretching that will help you lose weight have to do with your legs. In this case, we will also see some options that will help us a lot in our goal of losing weight:

  • Half twist: We sit on the floor with legs stretched out. We are going to fold one of them and we are going to cross over the other, at the same time that we twist our body. We can help us with one hand to put pressure on the knee of the flexed leg .
  • Lateral displacement: Standing up, let's stretch one leg to one side while flexing the other. It has to be at a 90 degree angle. We must make sure that the foot of the leg that is stretched is completely resting on the floor .
  • Cuadryps: We will stand up and we will hold one foot with our hand, taking it to the glute . The more we take the gluteus, we will notice a greater stretch.

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Stretch the arms

Stretching exercises that will help you lose weight

Now, we are going to focus on the last of the stretching exercises that will help you lose weight. Let's see some ways to carry it out:

  • Triceps: Standing, let's stretch the arms up and bend the elbow of one of them. We will hold it with the hand of the opposite arm, and we will gently pull the elbow towards the head . We will do the same with the other elbow.
  • Global Arm Stretch: This stretch involves interlacing the hands while the arms remain stretched. We will take them first upwards, then towards the front and, finally, we will interlace the hands behind the back and stretch.

These are some of the stretches we can perform to enhance weight loss after a workout or simply walk. Stretches should always be a complement; never a unique and absolute form of exercise .

Do you always stretch? Do you do it before or after the exercise? Stretching is always very important for our muscles, as this prevents them from stiffening or we suffer cramps.

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