The curious technique 4-7-8 to reconcile adequate sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia or Problems to achieve adequate sleep , We are sure that you have already tried everything from relaxing infusions to walks before bed. One thing we should be clear about is that each person works one thing, and that it is always worth trying new tips to find out if this time give us a good result.

That's why today we want to talk to you about The famous technique 4-7-8 , And although we describe it as a curiosity, you should know that many people use it regularly not only to reconcile a proper sleep, but to manage their stress and relax.

What if we started to try it from today?

What is the technical 4-7-8?

The 4-7-8 technique is a very effective way to relax through proper breathing . This method has been developed by Andrew Weil , MD, University of Arizona (USA), a practitioner well known for his stress-reducing therapies and anxiety And for helping people who have insomnia problems.

This doctor has been featured on the magazine twice Time And although it is true that behind it a whole marketing company rises, its techniques and advice do not stop Be effective for all those persons accustomed to having a marked rhythm of life by the nerves and the stress .

If it is your case, it pays to take into account the simple technique 4-7-8 for these reasons:

  • If we follow for a month We will note how, after this time, it is very difficult for us to sleep at night. Our body will become accustomed to these daily exercises of relaxation, so that, day by day, the breathing becomes more rhythmic, slow, the muscles are relaxed and the mind is much more relaxed, prepared to rest at the last moment of the night.
  • The 4-7-8 technique is very useful for To deal with our daily stress , And even to better manage the anger or that anger that, from time to time, can"assault"us.
  • During the first month we should apply the technique 4-7-8 four times a day , But then, it will be enough to do it once in the morning and then, half an hour before going to sleep. That is, our body and our brain will have become accustomed to it and will be almost automatic to help us sleep.

How do you apply the technique of 4-7-8?


The 4-7-8 technique is very easy to apply. To do this, you only have to follow the following guidelines. Take note:

The first month

Throughout the first month we are going to Apply the 4-7-8 technique four times a day. The first, just rise; The second, after your lunch; The next, when you get home in the middle of the afternoon, and the last, half an hour before going to sleep. Very easy, you want to know what it is based?

  • Sit in a comfortable place that will allow you to have the back Straight
  • Place the tongue behind the upper teeth, just where the palate begins.
  • Now close your mouth and take air through your nose and, while you do, ACCOUNT UP TO 4.
  • Now, hold your breath DURING 7 SECONDS .
  • Then, exhale the air of your Lungs Over 8 SECONDS And in a sonorous way, letting your tiredness, your pressures, your anxieties escape with that air. It must be something liberating.
  • Repeat the same cycle four times.
  • And that's it. As you see, it is something really simple that forces us to regulate our breathing and helps us release our daily stress. Most importantly, do not forget to do it every day for a month, four times a day.

Over the next few months

After the first month, our body and mind must have become accustomed to these guidelines. This is a very appropriate way of Manage throughout the day those outbreaks of external stress Which alter our breathing and, consequently, cause us to store tension until we reach the night, when it is so difficult for us to fall asleep.

Once past those first 30 days, Simply apply the technique 4-7-8 twice , The first when we got up and the second half an hour before going to sleep . Now, if at any point you find yourself very stressed or with a lot of rage accumulated by a discussion, for example, do not hesitate to use it, since it will help you to relax.


Finally, it is important that you also follow these tips to enjoy a dream:

  • Always follow the same hours throughout the day, that is, have lunch and dinner at the same times and apply the technique 4-7-8 at the same times.
  • Light dinner and always two hours before going to sleep.
  • Take a relaxing shower before going to sleep.
  • It is very important that two hours before bedtime, you close and the laptops and mobile phones , Whenever possible, since these screens act as stimulants and prevent us from achieving adequate sleep.
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