The dark secret of the food industry. You will not want to eat ready meals again

The Prefabricated food Is increasingly invading the market and hundreds are frozen foods that are offering users an"easy"alternative to prepare their meals without this taking too long and offering a relatively delicious taste to enjoy at any time.

The food industry sells us daily large amounts of food through deceptive advertising, In which they are not noticed the possible consequences that these products can have in our organism when they are consumed of habitual way. There are many secrets that the world food industry keeps, in order to have faithful consumers regardless of how much it costs their health. However, these secrets are being revealed by researchers, who have found the dangers of frequently consuming prefabricated foods.

Highly dangerous foods

One of the keys to the success of prefabricated food is that it will always have the same flavor until its expiration date. What we as consumers do not take into account is that, to achieve that delicious taste always, These foods have been subjected to a series of chemical treatments In which they are added multitude of preservatives to keep them fresh and delicious at all times.


Most pre-made or processed foods, if not all, Have high sugar contents, saturated fat , Sodium, chemicals and less fiber than the recommended . The frequent consumption of these foods can generate negative impacts on the health that, in the long term, will become diseases like:

  • Cholesterol.
  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertension.
  • Obesity.
  • Some types of cancers.

Prefabricated foods that pose a health risk include Biscuits, chocolates, yogurts, buns, ice creams, cereal bars, soft drinks, ready meals, hamburgers, soup and instant macaroni, butter, canned goods, meats and, in general, industrialized foods sold almost instantaneously .

One of the biggest problems of all these foods is that they lose nutrients and increase their number of calories. That is to say, you will increase your calorie intake without absorbing the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, fundamental for the proper functioning of the body and the digestion Of fats.

Acrylamide: one of the main hazards of prefabricated foods


The food industry has been doing a good job of convincing consumers that pre-made food is their best option. The ads show how easy it is to prepare these meals and how delicious they can be, which creates confidence in the consumers when buying them.

Nevertheless, several studies have been in charge of unmasking all that so good that they paint the commercials and Have been able to alarm to the consumer on the high dangers of eating frequently all these fast foods that offer us the industries.

One of the highly dangerous substances found by researchers a little over a decade ago is a potentially neurotoxic chemical causing Cancer Called acrylamide. This substance is created when carbohydrate-rich foods are prepared at high temperatures, whether fried, cooked, roasted or grilled.

This chemical is created during cooking at high temperatures, from the reaction between sugars and an amino acid called asparagine. Among the foods prefabricated with this dangerous substance we can find: Chips, French fries , Bread crust, toast, crusty bread, or breakfast cereals, among others.

Consumers are not aware of these dangers

The big food industries make big publicity campaigns to conquer the consumers and to convince them that the prefabricated products are a great option. However, they are not obliged to warn users about the danger to their health from frequent use of this type of food. By law, Some foods should have on their label a list of ingredients, additives and chemicals with which they are prepared. However, in other cases, for example, it does not say that a croissant that has been frozen for weeks and was full of additives can not be sold as"fresh baked."

Have you ever researched a little about the compounds of what you eat? Surely, if you start to inquire about the components of prefabricated foods, you'll realize what dangerous Which are for your health.

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