The effects of negative emotions and thoughts in our body

Have you ever thought about how thoughts influence your health and your body? It is a rare time that most people start to think how shocking thoughts can be for our body and our health. Sometimes we get carried away by the stress , Tension, anguish, despair, haste and many other negative feelings that, without thinking, can affect us both emotionally and physically, impairing our quality of life.

We should all be clear that the body-mind connection is much stronger than we think, Because our thoughts and emotions can be decisive in stimulating the production of certain substances that can influence our Physical Health And emotional. For example, serotonin and dopamine are two substances that our brain releases when we have a state of happiness or euphoria. Something like this happens with negative emotions, but instead of doing good to our body, Can generate pain and many other discomforts that prevent you from feeling healthy.

Our brain has the ability to store important and determinant information for behavior and its relationship to our body. Several experts agree that we all have the ability to define the good and bad of each situation, Being ourselves responsible for giving a negative or positive connotation to each of the moments that we have to go through day to day.

The effect on our body

relieve stress

Our emotional being can lead to some Physical discomfort Which may indicate that we are going through a difficult time In which the negative emotions and thoughts have invaded us. For example, feeling pain in the neck would constantly be indicating that we have the inability to see from different perspectives.

An unexplained pain in the hips We can be indicating that fear has invaded us , Possibly because we did not feel able to make important decisions.

High back pain Is related to the pain of unloving ; The pain of the middle back is related to the inability to release the past; And low back pain Is related to financial stress.

A feeling of pain in the knees can indicate fear, pride and lack of mastery over the ego.

When we are going through a moment or situation that causes us anger, In our body there is a biochemical effect that causes us to increase the levels of adrenaline And we will relive the sensations one and many times.

The sensations of sadness Influence our energies and motivation to face our day to day. Sadness can cause fatigue, excessive tiredness and a significant decrease in energy.

How to combat negative thoughts and emotions every day?

positive thinking

Just as we have good times and full of happiness, Part of living is also going through difficult times, which test our strength and our ability to control our emotions . To deal with the negative thoughts and emotions that can invade us at any time in our lives, it is very important to learn to have a positive thinking Of each experience, however hard or insurmountable it may seem.

Every day when we wake up it is very important to plan body and mind to take on the challenge of that new day and that opportunity we have to be well and live happily. Our mind has an awesome power and can carry out all those things that we indicate with great security . Given this, it is important to apply good doses of positivism and try to see the good side to things, even if it is a relatively difficult experience to overcome.

When negative thoughts and emotions try to take over our life and our health, It is very important to take a few minutes to reflect and to meditate If it really pays to spend our energies on that thought. Most likely, after doing this exercise, instead of wailing and letting yourself be dominated by those emotions, you want to give a change to your life and seek solutions so that that negativity does not affect you and steals your quality of life.

It is scientifically proven that positivism and good emotions, such as joy, happiness and laughter, Release hormones responsible for strengthening our immune system. Likewise, it was determined that negative emotions can act in the opposite way and cause a weakening of the immune system, making our body more likely to contract different diseases.

Being a positive person is a matter of choice, good thoughts and good emotions. It is worth applying good doses of positivism, as this will improve our emotional and physical health in many ways.

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