The Healthy Benefits of Eating Slowly: Put It into Practice!

Eat slowly, unhurriedly... Few things can be healthier for your body, and it is a practice that we do not all apply in our day to day. The rush, having little time for lunch or even coming home hungry mean that, in the end, we finish our dishes in a visa and not seen.

We must keep in mind that chewing fast foods not only causes bad digestion, but also increase weight and even that we do not absorb nutrients properly. Do you want to know more? Then do not miss all the information regarding this topic.

All the benefits of eating slowly

And you? How do you usually eat? If the answer is"in a hurry", you better start taking these important aspects into account. As we all know, Modern life sometimes forces us to have to program almost all the activities we do throughout the day , But you should keep in mind that food is not a game. It is a vital moment to which you must dedicate time, tranquility and enjoyment.

We explain why eating slow is so important.

1. We were satiated more


According to the"Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism" Eating slowly allows us to be much satiated, avoiding having to chop between hours. You need to put aside the rush and enjoy every bite you take to your mouth.

  • You should chew slowly to encourage salivation.
  • If you chew in a hurry because you have to finish soon or because you are very hungry, the food reaches your stomach in larger pieces, which do not digest well, and also, you stay with hungry .
  • Be aware that eating should be a pleasure and, as such, you must enjoy every taste and texture. Try to make your dishes attractive to the eye: In this way, taking that food to the mouth will allow us to enjoy even more.
  • According to the magazine"Harvard Health", our brain secretes a series of Hormones that tell us when we are full. Do you know what moment they usually appear? More or less after 20 minutes. So, if you eat fast, these substances will not appear and you will not find yourself sated. On the contrary, if you chew slowly, there will come a time when the brain He will send you the signal that you have already eaten enough.

2. We improve our digestion


  • The stomach needs the food to arrive well chewed to digest them better. If we simply"fill"it with large and precipitous pieces, we damage it, we force it to have to do more to execute the digestion.
  • Foods that have not been well chewed do not have that acid that is contained in the saliva, which prevents a correct digestion and the stomach is forced to segregate more Gastric juices.
  • Chewing is not wasting time. It is an essential part of the digestion . By chewing we tell our body to prepare for digestion. He Secretes hormones and activates receptors of taste , In addition to the lining of the stomach to start producing hydrochloric acid.
    • Chewing also makes our Pancreas be prepared for the secretion of enzymes and bicarbonate, Which are essential to make digestion.

3. Eat slowly helps us not to get fat

Eat slow

This may surprise you, but eating slowly will regulate our weight very effectively. Here are the basic reasons:

  • We feel more satiated and avoid chopping between hours.
  • We improve digestion, our body is regulated and we purify the fats and toxins better. In addition, we avoid constipation, fluid retention ...
  • Proper chewing and eating slowly regulates the level of glucose in our body.
  • It allows us to keep our metabolism active, so that fat burning is carried out more efficiently.

4. Eating slowly improves our overall health

Eat slow

The benefits of eating slowly do not end up giving us more satiety or regulating our weight, at all. It is worth bearing in mind all these aspects, which oblige us, no doubt, to improve our eating habits. Take note!

  • Chewing properly will prevent those Bacteria Which are sometimes present in food arrive at the intestine . He thinks that if food comes in larger pieces to our stomach and intestine, we run the risk that they will not be properly synthesized, that they will degrade and that bacteria will emerge. This results in gas, bloating, diarrhea... It's a risk!
  • Did you know that chewing slowly takes care of your dental health? So to salivate better we prevent the accumulation of plaque and avoid decay.
  • Eating slowly relaxes us, makes us enjoy more not only the food, but the"here and now". Add us to a state of calm and Improve our mood .
  • If you eat slowly, you will allow the Nutrients Of the foods are synthesized better and, therefore, you will take better care of your health by obtaining more effectively the minerals and vitamins present in your dishes.

Put it into practice and enjoy more of your meals!

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