The incredible benefits of a 20 minute daily walk

We already know the benefits of doing A little sport a day , To exercise our body with some activity through which to improve our health and take care of our weight. However, we do not always have time due to work and daily duties.

Now, what if we told you that with only A 20-minute walk a day We get endless benefits? In fact, to include in our routine this healthy exercise will provide you with a real quality of life, so it is worth putting into practice. We explained why.

The benefits of a ride of just 20 minutes


Ideal in the morning or in the afternoon, in those hours when The sun is not very intense And it becomes more pleasant to go out into the street. A daily walk of 20 minutes is very easy to implement and worth doing, either alone or with anyone you want.

It may surprise you. Can we really take good care of our health by walking for less than half an hour? The University of Illinois (USA) conducted an interesting study in 2013, which was later published in the journal "Neuroscience" . Here's what you came up with:

1. Cognitive enhancements

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  • Take a 20-minute daily walk Improves our cognitive functions . The brain is oxygenated and relaxed, gets new stimuli, receives more blood supply and encourages the synthesis of endorphins (the hormones of well-being).
  • If we are constant and we do it every day, functions as basic as Attention, memory and information processing Will improve significantly.
  • We must take into account that, sometimes, we fall into a strict routine in which monotony affects our Performance and motivation. Something as simple as going out puts us in touch with nature or with the city, we activate our heart and our brain . Few things are so rewarding.

2. A good treatment for depression

The episodes of sadness should serve us to learn, to take new courses and to come out strengthened.

  • People who go through periods of decay or depression often prefer Scenarios with low stimulation: Little light, little sound and social contact... Something as simple as going out is an act of improvement and contact with the world.
  • Walking, breathing deeply and launching our heart At a steady pace means a Relaxing act for the brain . It is precisely in this state of well-being that our thoughts begin to become relativized. We see things differently, from a less negative perspective and where the problems no longer seem to be as serious as before.
  • If we acquire the healthy habit of taking a daily walk of 20 minutes, we will not only be taking care of our health, we will also be filled with positive emotions capable of Deal with a depression.

3. A simple way to take care of your heart


  • A daily walk of 20 minutes is the perfect ally to take care of your Cardiovascular health. It increases the strength of our heart and its ability to pump blood.
  • The arteries become more elastic and can dilate much better to circulate the blood that, in this way, reaches much better to any part of our body.
  • Did you know that with this simple daily walk we arterial hypertension ? That's right, and no matter how old you are: the sooner you put it into practice, the sooner you can prevent many of those diseases that sometimes come from family history.
  • It also prevents the appearance of diabetes , As it improves our metabolism and the level of Blood sugar

4. More Benefits You Did not Know


  • Did you know that a daily walk of 20 minutes strengthens Our bone system ? We do not have to make great efforts or let us exhaust ourselves. Something as simple as going out every day can prevent osteoporosis.
  • Walking also favors our intestinal transit Avoiding the classic constipation . We can better purify our organism and optimize our digestive functions.
  • Walk regularly Strengthen our legs . Women are precisely those who suffer the most from problems of circulation, varicose veins, Knee wear ... Something as simple as a walk each day will improve and harden the muscles and bones of your legs, preventing many of these problems.

It's never too late to start, we assure you. It does not matter if you are not accustomed to doing any exercise: a simple daily walk always Is easy to fulfill. Just find that moment, 20 minutes in which to disconnect everything and relax.

Put on a good footwear that will hold your feet, dress in comfortable clothes and take a little bottle of water to keep you well hydrated. You must always start at a leisurely pace, For later, to accelerate a little, but without running. It is simply a brisk walk for 15 minutes, to finish with 5 more in a more relaxed way.

The ideal would be to do about 2 kilometers daily. If you gradually acquire this habit you will be taking care of your health in a way as rewarding as simple. Shall we start today?

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