The influence of love on the brain

When a person falls in love, he sees around him that everything changes for the better and it relates to the environment more positively . He is attentive to details in which he had never paid attention and his friends joke with his good humor. Without knowing how, love influences the brain and behavior changes instantly.

Love is a feeling that is not always achieved so easily, but when delay occurs only seconds . And from there, everything changes in the organism of the lover. It is not necessary to clarify that the brain is the dominant one in the human body, the one that issues the orders for everything.

Do you want to know what is the influence of love in your brain?

Your brain areas are stimulated

At that precise moment, in which the crush occurs, different brain areas are put into activity. They are combined in turn with other hormones and chemicals causing the sensory alterations. It is an effect similar to that of consuming some drugs that cause excitement.

Talk with your partner

The oxygen that circulates in your brain is increasing

The different brain components that participate in the process require more oxygen . If the person in love is placed on an MRI machine, the increase in blood flow can be verified. Hence, its importance for the physical and mental health of individuals.

Losing the fear of being in love

The chemical substances present in your body are altered

An increase in dopamine is reflected in that feeling of constant euphoria that the lovers keep. For this reason, the desires that sprout from his skin when his partner is mentioned or the desire to see him at all times are evident.

Also the oxytocin is released in each situation of approach with the other. And even more, if they are about to become sexually intimate. At a clinical level, it connects to a higher blood pressure, but that does not entail any risk but points to greater satisfaction.

The increase in vasopressin stimulates thinking centered on the loved one . Each aroma or flavor, each contact is remembered at all times with the finest details.

Meet goals and get rewards

Love influences the brain with a motivation to achieve goals that bring with it certain rewards. Neurotransmitters combine and sexual impulses, along with emotions, they are activated to achieve their goals and feel happy .

New loves relate to your memories of the past

In certain cases, people discover that they tend to feel love for those who remind them of certain aspects of their past. It is a consequence of a connection that the brain makes with long-term memory . For this reason, what seemed forgotten, such as childhood home relations, have an important influence.

The electrical activity of your brain accelerates

Although it seems very complicated to understand, translated into everyday behaviors may be easier. The influence of love on the brain causes better understanding of visual stimuli . In addition, communication, sounds and body self-representation become simpler and more positive.

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What happens with unrequited love?

It is true that the unrequited love Every story is present in the hearts of thousands of people in the world. And in fact, it is something difficult to overcome for those who suffer and they fall into depression or lower their self-esteem . Participate in these occasions parts of the brain directly related to human survival.

Man with depression

It is not something that will happen to everyone who goes through this circumstance, but it is quite common. There are those who even commit serious crimes for not feeling rewarded with his affection. Harassment, harassment and even murderous homicides fill the pages of the news.

Brain injuries can influence love relationships

If the lovers do not have all the brain areas that participate in the process in good health, the consequences are diverse. Depression, violent or conflictive relationships and disorders In communication, they are just some of these tests.

Definitely, the influence of love in the brain is given in a way that no one could imagine and hence the amount of feelings encountered when this happens. Phrases like"I do not recognize myself"or"healthy love"are more real than we usually think .

A final detail

Who believe in the love at first sight They can give testimony that it really happens, although they can not understand how.

Some call it a miracle or destiny, but in reality It is a complex chemical process that complements the activation of basic emotions. It is a clear sign of the influence of love in the brain of those who simply fall in love.

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