The introverted personality: Do you identify?

Our society usually gives more value to The extroverted personalities , To those more dynamic, open, sociable and talkative people who always seek contact with their peers. It is often the mistaken idea that the introverts have rather timid profiles and with few social skills, but it is a mistake.

There is not one personality better than another. Absolutely. The extroverts will never be better than the introverts and vice versa. It is simply a matter of Two different ways of understanding life , To behave and to relate. Do you want to know some characteristics of introverted personality? It is possible that many of us identify with these traits.

1. We enjoy our moments of solitude more

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It is possible that extroverts also like to be alone once in a while, but never for a long time. No more than half an hour a day, since, for them, being in solitude is a frustrating thing that they do not understand. In contrast, for introverts, spending hours in loneliness Is something that gives them comfort, which allows them to do what they like best: Read, walk, draw, think... In essence, be yourself and be well.

2. Others often think we are unfriendly


The introverted personality often experiences the same comments from others: Why are you so quiet? Is something wrong? They often have an erroneous opinion about them, such as Are unfriendly and asocial. What really happens is that introverts are not obliged to have to look good with everyone, to relate to everyone at every moment. They do not usually worry about what others think of them.

3. After a social event, we need to"recharge batteries of solitude"


Introverts also go to parties, social events. They enjoy each other like the others in these meetings, but they do not usually lengthen them too much. After a few hours start to get tired And when they get home, they breathe deeply when they find again their need for balance, peace and silence.

4. Prefer quieter scenarios


The introverted personality will always prefer Low stimulation scenarios , That is to say, quiet places without great accumulations of people, without elevated noises, without distractions. They will enjoy more nature Or a day of quiet at home that attending a party. Extroverted people, however, despite also appreciating the tranquility on certain occasions, will always prefer more bustling scenarios.

5. Introverts do not mind the silence

The silence

Surely it will have happened to you sometime. Being with a person and suddenly noticing that silence appears in the middle of the conversation. There are people who find this uncomfortable, and end up saying the first thing that comes to mind. In contrast, for people with an introvert profile, Silence is also a form of language . It is a strategy of union and respect between two people who are able to enjoy and share the silence With tranquility, without artifice and without having to say things that do not feel.

6. Avoid group work

Toxic family

For an introverted person there is nothing worse than having to do something in a group: a project in the office with colleagues, a job with your neighbors or your family... With how comfortable it would be to do it alone, without having to discuss or wait To let others decide! These are moments we have all experienced on occasion. Outgoing people often feel comfortable and see these meetings as productive. Instead, for introverts, it is a waste of time.

Do you identify with these features?

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