Tips for eliminating bloating

For many people the feeling of fullness and heaviness after eating any food is very frequent , This is a nuisance that can cause a lot of discomfort to the people who suffer it, since it can interfere in the quality of life.

The problem of abdominal bloating or bloating can be caused by a large number of factors , So be aware of the causes that trigger this feeling more often. Here are some easy ways to prevent and improve this condition. Do not miss it!

Discard any type of food allergy

The first thing to know with absolute certainty is whether or not you have any kind of allergy Certain foods , This is something that you can easily find out, since only you realize how your body reacts after consuming a certain food; If you feel heavy every time you eat the food, it will be convenient to visit your doctor, since it will be him who definitely tells you if your body does not tolerate that food and others containing similar compounds.

Eat slow


It is incredible the difference that causes the body to eat with ease, chewing every bite long enough, so that when swallowing he Digestion process Be easier; This way the body will not have to overwork to process food.

When people eat very fast, they can swallow large pieces of food and so the body takes longer to digest them , Giving rise to the formation of gases and various digestive problems.

Increase fiber intake

Failure to consume sufficient amounts of fiber may be another cause of the presence of Gas and flatulence , Since the lack of fiber can cause constipation - and all the complications that this condition can generate - . Therefore, it is recommended to consume more food that makes a good contribution of fiber to the body.

Another way to get the right amounts of fiber is through some supplements, Although the best way to achieve a healthy organism is to look for and consume natural products , Such as fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.

Avoid soft drinks

Do not drink fizzy drinks, they contain a lot of sugar.

Do not drink fizzy drinks, they contain a lot of sugar.

For many people this may be the main cause of abdominal distension , Since they have the habit of accompanying two or more meals every day with soft drinks. When their consumption is recurrent and excessive, the gas of these products can cause fullness and flatulence. It is recommended to change this kind of soft drink for water or natural juices.

Decrease salt intake

Excess sodium in food is one of the main factors that cause abdominal distention , Foods with higher sodium content can be canned foods, frozen foods and sausages, among many others. It is recommended to leave aside the custom of adding exaggerated amounts of salt to all foods, since the vast majority of these already have sodium among its components.

Do a short walk


Another good recommendation to keep in mind is Take a walk Cut short after having eaten , This can help facilitate digestion, which will prevent digestive problems.

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