Tips for having cleaner lungs

For smokers, for those who suffer recurrent lung problems or for those who want to take care of their lungs and breathe better, in this article we share the essential tips to do it simply and naturally.

Learn how to breathe properly, perform steam, improve ventilation in your home or eliminate mucus and you will notice great results in a short time.

Make merry

Do you know what the fumes are? They are deep breaths that we make on the vapor of certain medicinal plants with benefits for our Lungs . It is an excellent method to cure respiratory diseases of the smallest, but also will help us to clean our lungs, especially if we are smokers.

How are they made?

  1. We boil two liters of water along with some medicinal herbs like Pine, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile or oregano .
  2. When they have boiled for 5 to 10 minutes, let the aromatic steam come off, remove the casserole from the fire and sit in front, covering the head with a towel and leaning over the casserole slightly open (watching not to burn with excess steam ).
  3. We will perform deep inhalations through the nose, covering each nostril alternately, and also through the mouth.

Removes mucus

It is common for us to get up in the morning with the sensation of having mucus, and Sometimes this mucus can cause us to even congestion or obstruct the bronchi . To avoid this mucus we can follow two very simple and effective tips:

  1. Carry out nasal washes with the help of a lotus, as we explained in this article . Especially when the mucus is still in the nasal cavity.
  2. Instead, when the mucus is already more internal we must take into account those foods that increase the mucus, in order to eliminate them from our diet until we are better:
  • Milk and dairy products , Especially cows. We can replace it with Vegetable drinks .
  • Flours And all the foods that contain them. Provisionally we can consume dextrinated bread, similar to the toasted biscotes, which is much healthier in these cases.

Nasal lotion Breigh Hammarlund

Learn to breathe

Since we are referring to the respiratory system, we must bear in mind that many times we do not breathe properly... because we forget! We breathe just enough to survive , Which not only affects our lungs, since they are accustomed to working with little capacity, but it hinders the arrival of oxygen to all points of our body.

How do we learn to breathe?

The most effective is to perform exercises as Yoga, meditation or taichi , Which always take into account the breath and even teach us to do it with different parts of our body: the belly, the diaphragm and the chest.

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Improve your night breathing

Taking into account that we usually sleep an average of 8 hours, that is, a third of the day, it is also essential to look for Our bedroom has a healthy air .

How do we get it?

  • We must ventilate the room every day and, if we dare, we can leave the window a little open also at night.
  • If we have difficulties to ventilate at least try to leave the door ajar.
  • We will avoid having plants in the room that rob us of oxygen, except for those that precisely provide us, as for example with the Potus . Having one or two pots in the bedroom will help us renew the air we breathe.
  • We will avoid humidity and odors in the room. We can also use electric dehumidifiers or aromatic diffusers.

Caribbean bedroom

Forget the sadness

For those people who often suffer from respiratory diseases or even have one that is already chronic, it may be helpful to know that There is a psychosomatic relationship between these pathologies and a continued feeling of sadness . Sometimes they are people prone to depression.

Therefore, any treatment that we must take into account also the emotional part, which we can also deal naturally with Therapies such as homeopathy or Bach flowers, or with the professional help of a psychotherapist .

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