Tips to make a small space look bigger

Tips to make a small space look bigger

We may not be very happy with our house, as it may be small or have a room whose size we do not like. Rentals are skyrocketing and we can not find the house of our dreams at a reasonable price.

We can transform practically any corner of our house to make it more pleasant and we can be very comfortable there. In this case, you probably have at home a small room that you would like to get more out of.

To achieve this, we want to give you some very practical, simple and economical tips that you can carry out yourself with your own hands. Sometimes just changing the orientation of the furniture, buying a mirror or changing the color of the walls we can convert a small stay in something much more welcoming .

The need to have a room or a room that seems wider is very common. The constructions of the apartments are usually small, because the floor costs much more expensive than years ago. A) Yes, the apartments have a lot less square meters .

However, almost everything in this life has a solution. If you are not thinking of buying a new house or changing your rent, take note of these wonderful advice from interior decoration that will not disappoint you

Tips for making a bigger room

Decorative ideas for a small living.

If you struggle to make your room look more spacious, or if you have moved to a shared apartment and your room is the smallest of all, do not worry. Surely you can get a lot out of it.

Look for light colors

It is very important the color palette that we choose to paint our house. To make a room look bigger we have to paint with light colors, soft or pastel shades.

You can choose colors like white, broken white, light yellow or any tone that reflects the light that enters through the window . Surely, if you manage to change it, the effect will be immediate.

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Use simple and combinable colors

If you have chosen a light color to paint your walls, you can continue with that line of color in the other textiles of the room, because you will highlight the strokes and you will achieve more depth.

  • Combine, curtains, bedspread, cushions and carpets of a similar hue to create that effect.

Search prints

To make the room look wider play with patterns and patterns on the fabrics of your room . Look for repeating patterns to create optical illusions.

  • It may be more expensive to get it, but you can ask a professional for help when you go to a fabric store.

Hang mirrors and crystals

Both the crystals how the mirrors manage to reflect the light and everything that is in front of them. Thus, is a simple way to expand and get a more spacious visual effect . Just place a large mirror and glass accessories in the wall.

The mirrors provide a lot of depth. Surely you've noticed that in clothing stores or any type of trade has many mirrors to make it look bigger than it is.

Organize and avoid furniture saturation

It is good to take advantage of spaces in small houses.

It is important to know how to decide the amount of furniture we need in a room. To make it, we have to decide which furniture is indicated to make the room look bigger.
  • Always look for functional furniture that can be used for storage.
  • To gain space is important to know how to organize furniture in our stay. Look for proportion, functionality and practicality.

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Windows and good lighting

If the room is small and has a window, we have to give it the prominence it deserves. The windows bring a lot of light, in addition, that they are a vanishing point where the gaze is directed towards the outside, Making the room look bigger.

However, regardless of whether you have a window or not, it is important that the lighting in the room is pleasant. This should cover the entire stay and do not leave dark corners.

Use the walls and always keep the order

We have to rely on the walls to better organize our things. Place shelves, shelves and shelves at different heights to order and not waste any space.

On the other hand, there is nothing more annoying than entering a small room and, in addition, messy . Keep it from being messy so that whenever you enter it you have a good feeling .

These are some of the most used techniques to make a small room look much bigger, so there is no need to complain about having a small room in the home. We can always transform it with small gestures , economic and very effective.

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