What are the basic colors of jeans that you should have in your closet

What are the basic colors of jeans that you should have in your closet

Although many people are a detail that has no care, jeans can have different uses according to their style and, of course, its hue. With these basic jeans colors that you must have in your closet, you will always have a garment for each moment.

It is not the same to wear worn jeans than dark jeans. Like so many other garments, these pants adapt to different circumstances depending on their characteristics .

Although we all agree that they are superfunctional and allow many combinations, it is also true that we must have criteria. But that's not all: also it is advisable to have a certain variety . For that, we present this list of basic jeans colors that you should have in your closet.

Basic jeans colors you should have in your closet

1. Worn or washed jeans

What are the basic colors of jeans that you must have in your closet 1

Worn jeans are those that they have fragments of a lighter shade than the main one . The effect sought is, precisely, that of a garment that has lost its color due to washing.

The best facet of these jeans is seen when combine with casual garments for casual outfits . However, this trend of the 90s also shines with shoes high, as for situations a little more formal.

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2. Blacks

They are, without doubt, the graphic description - or textile, rather - of versatility. You can combine them with an infinity of blouses, jackets and shoes; they are suitable both for the night and for the days labor or study . In addition, they greatly favor the figure. Can you ask them for something else?

Thanks to their tonality, they are also very versatile and we can combine them with all the colors or fabrics we want. The limit is in our imagination.

3. Combined

Have you heard of the patchwork ? It is a technique that consists of combining fabrics of different colors, materials and textures to modify another or, directly, to create a new one.

It is a style that is very fashionable nowadays. While many may argue if it is truly one of the basic colors of jeans that you should have in your closet, the reality is that this is true if you are one of the people who follow the trends.

There are different styles; however, they have logical limitations regarding their use in different circumstances. They are special for informal and fashionable outfits . In addition, they can be worn tight to the body or looser; everything will depend on the taste of your daring carrier.

4. Targets

If we include the black in this list, we can not leave out the target; it is another alternative that is very topical. The white jeans, like others of this payroll, are also multifunctional .

For example, you can wear tight white jeans for a look daily; These, or also the broken ones, will be great with a nice belt. On the other hand, if the plans include a more formal occasion, you could opt for the leggins or some Oxford or bell; everything will depend on your tastes.

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5. Smooth

Classic blue or plain jeans will remain the preferred choice of many , although trends or years mark anything else. We can find several explanations for this statement.

The first is that, as seen by the naked eye, they are beautiful. Another reason, not least, is that fit virtually any circumstance ; if we buy one of good quality and a considerable cost, this aspect takes much more importance.

Finally, we can not fail to mention that they combine with everything; we can even use them with jackets of the same material in the upper part without losing a bit of elegance. Is not this a pledge inevitable?

Types of jeans that you can not miss

What are the basic colors of jeans that you must have in your closet 2

Unlike in times past, when jeans were all moderately the same, today there are many styles. The main advantage that this variety gives is that each person can choose their own according to their preferences; they will also influence their bodily characteristics and, of course, the rest of the garments that I will use.

Among the most used today, we find the following models:

  • Tubed or skinny
  • boyfriend
  • Torn
  • From waist high
  • Low shot
  • Jeans with pearls
  • Oxford or bell
  • Baggy
  • Prints

The world of fashion offers millions of possibilities to satisfy tastes and the pretensions of each person. The truth and undeniable is that, if you have the basic colors of jeans that you must have in your closet, the choice for each day will be much simpler.

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