What do we value women more in a relationship?

Did you know that women are usually More selective when looking for a partner That men? We pay more attention to details, we look at other aspects that go beyond pure physical attraction and we also like to seduce and conquer who we value can be Our ideal partner . We explain what it is What we usually look for in a partner.

1. Someone with whom to form a good team

Having a partner means living together. Build a day to day Where there is complicity and harmony. It is not enough to have the most handsome man in the world if in reality, he is incapable of Build that daily engine with which to be happy. Women are looking for someone to make us laugh, someone to share confidences with and be understood.

We are looking for partners who make our lives easy, And do not bring demands, Mistrust or situations marked by jealousy. This, is not to make equipment, is to mark distances in which, always the suffering emerges. We want the normality of a couple with whom to delude us by Life with a smile, And without any tear.

2. A person who listens and communicates

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This is an essential dimension in every relationship. Both ourselves and them must have the ability to know how to listen and understand the person before us. That with which we live and With which we are building a common future. We look for people with whom we can talk about anything, someone skilled to talk about emotions, about what hurts them and what makes them happy.

Someone who does not communicate or who does not know how to communicate Is a person who does not share and who raises walls Instead of opening doors. Coexistence becomes hard if there is no confidence to speak, knowing that we will be heard when we need to say something... however insignificant it may be. We all need That our voice be heard and that they offer us words of understanding.

3. A couple that makes us laugh and make us laugh

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The illusion of the day to day is lit with simple acts. With a smile in the morning, with a promise or a future project. With that look that caters to us when we need comfort, with a hug in the dark and a very high laughter shared in a walk in the park.

This illusion must be worked every day, It does not appear as an act of magic. One must feel freely the will to make happy the person with whom he lives. Because he loves and respects her, because she wishes him the best and will always strive The illusion does not escape Like the smoke that runs through an open window. Without illusion, love fades.

4. A mature, confident and emotionally capable person


We must know that The immature and insecure people are the ones that cause us the most unhappiness . If they distrust or have a low self-esteem they will have doubts in every moment. They will develop a toxic relationship in which , The jealousy will appear, the emotional manipulation to have us by your side through blackmail and deception.

The ideal is to find a mature, self-confident and emotionally capable person. Have empathy, know what hurts us and what you can build A happy, healthy and stable relationship over time .

Do you agree?

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