What types of transplants are there?

There are many types of transplants that are performed and that we do not know about. We believe that When there is an organ transplant, there are usually two patients: a donor and a receiver. However, today we are going to go much further.

Before going into the types of transplants, it is necessary to mention the importance that they have to save life . Although, sometimes, there are a number of problems such as the body rejects the new organ, the truth is that in general there are usually very good results.

It is not necessary to die to donate an organ . A person who needs a kidney , we can provide one of ours if we are compatible. In the case of other organs, it is an indispensable condition to have died to be able to donate them.

Types of transplants

Next, we will see the different types of transplants that are done and under what conditions they can be performed. We will give some examples and we will discover that not all transplants are performed in the same way. Let's go there!

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1. Autotransplant


The first of the types of transplants we are going to talk about is the autotransplant . That is, ourselves We will be the person in charge of giving us what we need. However, in what cases is this possible? Does not it always have to be another person to give us what we need?

Not always. In the event that we need a piece of skin from another part of the body , we ourselves will be the donor and the receiver. The same thing happens, sometimes, when we give ourselves bone marrow if we have cancer.

This form of transplant is very safe , but above all, there is the advantage that our body will not reject the donor because we will be ourselves. This leaves us with one more concern.

2. Isotransplant

This type of transplant has nothing to do with the previous one. In this case, the donor and the recipient are different, although genetically they are the same . What does this mean? That they have the same genetic load, therefore, they are Twins .

Surely we have ever seen on television two twin brothers, one of them has an illness and the other to save his life donates what the brother needs. Being twins, the possibility of rejecting the donated organ is drastically reduced .

It always fits the possibility that the body ends up rejecting the organ and that I can not settle well. However, this represents a very small percentage and is not something that usually happens.

Two twin women.

3. Alotransplant

In this third of the types of transplant we find a totally different donor and recipient . They do not share genetics. They are not from the same family. This is the type of transplant that is best known and the one with the most risks.

Why do we talk about risks? Why you have to conduct a comprehensive study on the compatibility between donor and recipient. However, although everything indicates that they are compatible and there should be no problems, sometimes this is not solved in such a simple way.

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4. Xenotransplant

The last of the types of transplant that we are going to talk about does not only refer to two genetically different individuals, but also in relation to the species. Perhaps this is the least known type of transplant of all.

For example, if we need to transplant a heart valve and, for some reason, there is no compatible or we do not have any that comes from a human being, we can obtain it from the donation of a pig. However, the risks of rejection are quite high .


The importance of donating

Nowadays we have many options to donate, among them is the blood donation . However, when we die, we can also decide beforehand if we want our organs to be donated or not to people who may need them.

As we have seen in the types of transplants, perhaps the most known is the third. People who do not know each other, anonymous organs but that arrive at the moment that we need them the most. Many people expect, for example, a kidney. The fact that people donate them or that even a relative is tested for compatibility and undergoes an operation is something very valuable .

Which of the types of transplants we've seen of sound more? Surely it is the third that first comes to mind when you think about a transplant. However, now you know there are three more types.

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