Why are we cold in our hands and feet?

Are you one of those people who usually have cold hands and feet, even if the temperature is not too low? Do you know why this happens to you? In this article we give you the curious answer to this doubt, which is related to the digestive system.

Discover how body temperatures work and how you can regulate them naturally.

Body temperatures

In general we find people who tend to be more cramped and hotter and who, before similar climates, react differently. The key is in our body temperature, and It is important to try to balance those temperatures Which, in the extreme, are not good in either case.

In general, the areas that are usually cooled more easily are the extremities. That is, hands and feet.

In our interior, the organs that tend to cool and, therefore, Those who need the most heat, are the liver and kidneys , Meanwhile he stomach And the intestines usually accumulate heat.

When our body has to do an overexertion somewhere, it usually increases the circulation at that point, causing a greater or less inflammation, which in reality has the objective to focus there the mechanisms of self-healing.

And when that happens, at the same time we find a lack of circulation in the apparently less vital areas, which are precisely the extremities.

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The digestive system

Our digestive system, Due to poor diet or continued feeding throughout the day , It usually suffers an excess of heat, since it is working almost permanently. The stomach is forced to make great efforts, which increases the gastric acids and, therefore, their temperature.

On the other hand, these efforts are intestine . If we touch our belly we may even notice that the skin is cold, but that is just a symptom of the excess heat that is in the interior.

Therefore, cold feet and hands are possibly the Consequence of an excess of heat in our digestive system.

In addition to the discomfort it entails, it is important to treat it to prevent, mainly, joint problems in the long run.

Belly belly Filip Bunkens

Can temperatures be rebalanced?

Of course. Immediately we can always give us local heat in the limbs in different ways:

  • With hot water baths.
  • Well sheltering those areas with polar or wool fabrics.
  • Applying heat creams based on ginger , Cinnamon, etc.
  • Performing massages.
  • Applying electric mats or hot water bags.

However, we must take into account that these are only palliative remedies, and that if we want to balance our body temperature, which will also improve our overall health, What we must do is facilitate the function of our digestive system.

Bath feet Intercontinental Hong Kong

Remove heat from the digestive system

How will we achieve it?

  • Choose healthy foods and avoid those harmful, especially red meats and sausages, fatty cheeses, fried or certain sweet.
  • Be alert to avoid those foods that we can not digest, such as some legumes, dairy, etc.
  • Chew food well.
  • Do not eat large quantities. Know how to stop before we feel too sated.
  • Do not eat again until you have done the digestion of the previous food.
  • Do not dine too late or too much.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • If we suffer Gastric hyperacidity Or ardor, treat them with natural remedies.
  • Alkalize our organism.
  • Rest a little after the meal, before we begin to make efforts.

Therapy with water

He Water It can also help us regulate body temperature, but we will have to do so gradually. In general we showered with warm or warm water, and Progressively we should be finishing the showers with cold water throughout the body , Except in the head. The first few times can be a few seconds but, with the passage of time, we can expand that time of cold water and even go alternating with the hot water.

It is important that before and after the shower we do not feel cold , So that the contrast is greater, and when finished we should rub well with the towel to promote the natural heat.

Images courtesy of Taras Khimchak, Intercontinental Hong Kong and Filip Bunkens

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