Why can you be losing your hair? Here we tell you!

Although hair loss is more common in men, women are not free to suffer it. This problem, along with thinning hair, causes stress to women who suffer from it because they do not know if it is a temporary problem (such as a vitamin deficiency) or a more serious problem (some medical condition). The most common causes you may be losing hair are:

Physical stress

Any physical condition or trauma (surgery, auto accident, serious illness or a simple flu ) Can cause temporary hair loss. Hair is programmed to follow a life cycle: birth, growth and fall. When your body undergoes a traumatic event, the hair cycle is affected and the fall may arrive ahead of time. The good news is that a few months after recovering the physical condition, the hair returns to its usual cycle.



Pregnancy is understood as a physical stress, but hormones also come into play. Hair loss in this case occurs from the beginning of pregnancy, but worsens in the weeks prior to childbirth. Some women spend all their pregnancy without presenting this problem but if you have it, do not worry, you should only wait a couple of months after the birth and your hair will grow again .

Too much vitamin A

Exaggerate the consumption of foods or supplements rich in Vitamin A Can cause hair loss. Remember that the recommended daily intake of this vitamin is 5000 IU per adult and supplements can bring between 2500 and 10000 IU. Just moderate the consumption of this vitamin so that in a few weeks the hair grows normally.

Lack of protein


If you do not have enough protein in your diet, your body will be forced to ration the one it receives. One of the measures that the body takes is to stop hair growth. Here the problem is not really hair loss, but the lack of hair growth.

Remember that the common thing is to lose a few hairs a day, but usually we do not notice because another is born. With lack of protein, this does not happen. To solve the problem you just have to include fish, meat and eggs in your diet. In the case of being a vegan or vegetarian , Increases your intake of vegetable protein and if it is not enough, take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Hereditary baldness

This problem is more common in men, but women can also experience it. There are cases of very young girls who already have this problem and they have become a real nightmare. Having a genetic origin, it should be treated in a more professional way, so you should always go to the doctor to determine the direct cause.

There are currently topical creams and oral medications that can prevent, slow or significantly reduce the problem. In the worst case you can opt for hair implant.

Female Hormones

Loss of hair

Just as pregnancy hormones cause hair loss, birth control pills can also have that effect. If you do not use these pills but you are in menopause, you could also have this problem. The reason is that male hormones are activated and thin the hair follicle, facilitating its fall.

If the problem is birth control pills it is important that you look for alternatives with your gynecologist. If it is a menopause problem, your doctor may give you some options.

Emotional Stress

Any situation that destabilizes you emotionally causing emotional stress can cause or accelerate hair loss. If you are going through a situation that is complicated emotionally, you can look for activities that will reassure you or your hair will fall more regularly than it can grow back. You can try to do yoga , Walking, exercising or taking therapy.



It is estimated that one in 10 women aged 20 to 49 suffer from anemia or minimal iron deficiency . This condition can lead to hair loss and other more severe problems. Your doctor should perform a blood test to identify the presence of this problem. Some related symptoms are headaches, pale skin, cold feet and hands, and tiredness.

In case of anemia, A supplement will suffice to solve the problem.


A person has hypothyroidism when his thyroid gland does not work properly . This small organ is located in the neck and is responsible for producing hormones critical for metabolism, growth and other vital functions. If the thyroid does not function properly, there may be a variety of mismatches, one of which is hair loss. Only the doctor can indicate the most appropriate treatment for the thyroid to return to normal levels.

Hair loss is a common problem that worries many women but it is easy to avoid when we know the cause.

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