Why does our back hurt?

Unfortunately, back pain is very common. Sometimes in the lumbar, others in the dorsal, especially between the shoulder blade and the spine, or in the cervical and trapezoids. They are discomforts that get worse or better according to our routine, and are usually difficult to cure.

In this article we give you some answers so that you can find the cause of your back pain, as well as some tips so that you can treat it naturally and thus improve your quality of life.

Discard injuries

Firstly what we have to do whenever we feel a pain for several days or weeks is Consult the specialist doctor to discard any type of injury, especially if we have suffered a concussion . This is the first cause we must take into account.

If there is no apparent injury or is a chronic problem that we drag for a long time, then we will consider other issues such as those listed below, in order to find the one that explains our situation.

Back and Emotions

One of the causes that are related to back problems, although many people do not believe in it, is the Be subjected for a long time to some kind of negative emotion Which has been causing continued tension in an area of ​​the back and finally has become chronic.

In this case, the more stress or emotional tension we suffer, the more the area hurts. And do not always suffer nervous people, since in many cases it happens that the person suffers from the inside without showing it, and precisely because of that it hurts.

These are the emotions that relate to the different parts of the back:

  • Romboides : Rage.
  • Trapezoids : Incapacity and frustration.
  • Cervical : Excess of responsibility.
  • Back : fear.
  • Lumbars : Frustrations.

If we want to treat back problems and related emotions we must take into account that We will have to change something in ourselves . We can always go to a therapist or take some natural supplementation to help us.

Back and organs

Another explanation we can give to back problems is that they are the reflection of an inflammation of the organ that is near that muscle, that being inflamed would be causing excessive pressure on the area.

This is the correspondence of zones and organs:

  • Right and right dorsal trapezius: Liver and gallbladder.
  • Left and left dorsal trapezius: Lung and stomach.
  • Cervical : heart.
  • Lumbars Kidneys (Upper area), intestine (middle zone) and reproductive system (sacral zone).

If other health issues confirm that some of these organs may actually be weakened (we do not have to have an illness) then the treatment should take into account the balance of this organ.

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Natural medicine

In addition to looking for the cause we can also directly treat the pains with these natural remedies:

  • Infusions Analgesic and anti-inflammatory with turmeric, willow or harpagofito.
  • Apply local heat with the aid of a hot water bag or electric mat.
  • Application of Poultices Of clay or ginger.
  • Application of anti-inflammatory creams based on arnica.
  • Personalized supplementation with Bach flowers and homeopathy.

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Beneficial therapies

Finally, a fundamental part of the treatment should be the External and manual work of the area at the hands of a professional, Continuously until we improve or punctually when we have pain.

We especially recommend the descontracturantes massages to relax the area, but better still if we can make a Follow up with a good osteopath or physiotherapist That helps us to understand the physical imbalances that we suffer, since sometimes we can improve them notably changing some unconscious habits.

We also recommend Suction or cupping therapy , Since it works taking into account the inflammation of the nearby organs, as indicated above.

Finally, in the last years the therapy of the Kinesiotape or neuromuscular bandage , Which uses elastic adhesive tapes of very striking colors so that we notice a great improvement naturally, with the same movement of our body. Many athletes are using this technique, which demonstrates their great effectiveness in pain and injuries of all kinds.

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