Wind chimes, harmonizing sounds for the home

We are sure that you too have a Wind chimes at home. They are those objects that we put in the entrances of our homes, the porch, the windows, the doors... We love to hear how the breeze makes them tinkle, how the wind shakes their metal tubes bringing those relaxing sounds.

Have you ever wondered what its origin is? What is its purpose? Today in our space we want to talk about wind chimes, Household harmonizers and good luck bearers .

Windmills that harmonize the home

Wind chimes

Most of us We buy the wind chimes because they are aesthetic And because we like to hear how the wind shakes those metal or wooden mobiles with which they are made. Now, we seldom pause to ask ourselves what their origin is or what cultures have popularized them.

It may not surprise you that they were precisely The Sioux Indians the first to market them in local markets for tourism . For them, the wind chimes were magical objects that they placed around their settlements to protect the village from the Bad energies . When the wind stirred them, the sound produced by that set of stones, metals and bones, acted as a barrier to keep away the evil spirits.

Tradition and magic that were not exclusive to the American Indian people. In the East, the so-called"wind mobiles"also have a long history associated with the protection of the home . It is interesting to know, for example, that in China, there are authentic lutieres of these objects, that is to say, people specialized in finding the best materials for the wind to emit the most harmonious and relaxing sounds. It is an art, a way of life focused on the creation of these original objects that, for the Chinese, are more than just"ornament".

The most cherished chimes are those that have twelve metal tubes with a wooden dome. As these Eastern lutites explain, the sounds are similar to those of a harp. Very relaxing and harmonic.

The wind chimes and the current"Feng Shui"

Within The Feng Shui current , Wind chimes are objects capable of harmonizing and eliminate the negative energies of the home. In this case it is very useful to place them in our rooms, as we usually do with the beautiful "dream Catcher" .

It is not necessary to The wind breeze stirs them to bring us good luck. In these cases and according to this theory, the home already has its own"energies"and its own"winds"inside, so you just have to hang them in your living room, or in the children's room, to allow Themselves bring us those good vibrations, that positive environment.

They are, without a doubt, curious approaches. We do not have to believe them or not. The truth is that, leaving aside the theme"of the energies", the wind chimes relax us. Its soft sound Acts as a soothing natural Which comes very well to hear from time to time.

When you open a window and let the morning breeze shake your little pendants, we allow ourselves, for a few seconds, to get in touch with nature again.


And you? Do you also have your own wind chimes? Remember that you can always make one yourself with crystals, metals and strings. It's really easy!

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