Wonderful curiosities about the eyes: Did you know them?

The eyes are more than the mirror of the soul. You will be surprised to know that they are one of the most developed organs of the human being and that, thanks to them, we perceive and organize our reality, and even more... Did you know, for example, that there are people capable of perceiving many more colors than the rest?

Today in our space we want to talk about those wonderful facts about the eyes, curiosities that, perhaps, you did not know. Ready? No blinking!

1. What if you are a tetragramer?


At times, the perception of color Is somewhat ambiguous. Surely it will have happened to you: go with your shopping partner and discuss whether that shirt is blue or dark gray. It's normal. Now, you will be surprised to know that 12% of the population is able to See millions of colors more than the rest.

A blue color bordering the leaves of the trees, a spectacular brightness in the raindrops, trees that rise on the earth in thousands of colors that go from the garnet to the ocher color... It is another world full of incredible shades! Although, yes, The tetracrómatas people Sometimes complain of such intense stimulation.

Do you want to know why? A genetic mutation that occurs mainly in women. People have two color spectrum receptor cells called"conos". The normal thing is to have a pair, but the tetracrómatas (and of there the word) have four.

You identify?

2. How many megapixels does the human eye have?

tired eyes

¿Do you question some time? Well, the scientists, always interested in this type of data, tell us that the human being has, more or less, 576 megapixels. Incredible true? The normal thing is to be able to differentiate about 10 million colors (unless you are a woman tetracrómata, of course).

3. Do you know how many times we blink?

On average we blink about 17 times per minute, which come to be About 14,280 times a day . However, you should know that when we are in front of the computer or a mobile phone fixing much attention, we forget to blink with the same frequency, hence we are Inflamed Eyes so often. So, remember to blink and hydrate your eye when you are reading this article!

4. Do you have blue eyes?


There is a curious theory that explains something that will surprise you: All the people who have the Eyes Blues share the same ancestor, that is, the same evolutionary line. Experts tell us that it was a person who lived in the Black Sea region a few 10,000 years. Did you know this?

5. The game that strengthens your look


Did you know that there is a game that Muscles Of our eyes? Its about "Tetris". If you know it, you should know that it is very suitable for dealing, for example, The"lazy eye" , So it will be very appropriate to spend 15 to 20 minutes each day to this entertaining game.

6. We are all"doomed"to wear glasses at some point


No matter that your vision has a 100% perfection today. Throughout our life and due to the passage of time, we will end up developing some kind of problem. Presbyopia or"tired sight" Usually appears between 40 and 50 years. It is that moment when we must establish the object at a distance to be able to discriminate.

Also note that by the age of 70, we will have very high odds of suffering a new visual problem. Surely you have already guessed: waterfalls.

7. Heterochromia


Do you know anyone who has an eye for each color? Surely you should be thinking, for example, of David Bowie. Well, we have to tell you that the famous British singer actually suffered a lesion in the eye; A casual fact that would give that appearance so characteristic. Heterochromia, in fact, is rare and almost always has a hereditary component.

It can be manifested with one eye of each color (total heterochromia), or with two different colors in one iris (partial heterochromia). Curious and very striking, there is no doubt.

8. Why are many babies born with blue eyes and then darkened?


Many newborns arrive to the world with clear eyes and then, with the months, they show a brown or black color. Why it happens? This is due to the melanin present in the iris. The cells that produce this protein are still very immature and produce a very low level of melanocytes. Hence, sometimes they are born with blond hair and clear eyes. From the 6 months, they will already acquire their definitive physical features.

9. The eyes of animals


The world of animals and their vision is also fascinating. We are sure that you will be surprised this data:

  • Did you know that the eyes of ostriches are as big as your brain?
  • Goldfish ( Carassius auratus ) Are really nice. However, there is an aspect that strikes us: They have no eyelids! Which means having to sleep with your eyes open.
  • This fact is also interesting: The dolphins sleep with an open eye. This is because they must keep half of their brain "Awake"to continue breathing and floating in the sea. Amazing!
  • Butterflies can see ultraviolet light.
  • Chameleons are also lovely creatures. Did you know that they can look in different directions at the same time?

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