Yarsagumba, natural aphrodisiac of Himalayas

The yarsagumba is a natural aphrodisiac of Himalayas, used in the East since hundreds of years ago. However, his world-wide fame occurred in the decade of the 90 revaluing the product. Until they come to call it the"Himalayan gold"because of its economic relevance for the country.

The Yarsagumba It has its greatest popularity for being a natural product for better sexual performance . It also has other possibilities of use, beyond that are not scientifically validated.

What is the Yarsagumba?

It's nothing more than a fungus that grows on the larva of a caterpillar . The insect mummifies and the fungus grows along it until it becomes a stem.

According to the belief of the villagers of the East, it is the perfect presence of ying and yang. Its composition, given by the union of animal and vegetable, represents the necessary balance for happiness . All oriental sexual acts are considered, as always, as sacred and for the happiness of a couple.

Present in different naturalist stores around the world, he is the king of pleasure . Although it is also used for treatments of other diseases. Always based on Chinese medicine, without scientific results proven by health professionals.

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What treatment does it take?

The Yarsagumba grows to a height that oscillates the 3500 and 5000 meters, until where the workers travel in time of harvest. Is in spring when everyone goes up to the Himalayas to start the collection . A month of work can mean an income that meets the needs of a semester.

To locate it, you can go on foot for about 15 hours. Once there, begin to differentiate the aphrodisiac from the other herbs, which is not very simple. Climatic conditions do not help, the cold is still intense and oxygen is scarce at that level.

The extraction must be careful to avoid breaking, then remove the soil and wash. It is estimated that about two thousand stems are those that make up one kilo. All these factors, plus their high demand, cause the price to be increasingly higher.

Who makes use of the Yarsagumba?

In the past, this mushroom was exclusively used by people of the highest level social class . Its commercial value is very high and therefore a few have access. With the new rich of the East began to have more followers and his arrival in the West finished popularizing him.

In its origins he was very attractive for his powers to maintain youth of the organism.

Those who have the economic level to achieve their purchase , they use it for different purposes.

  • Treatment for premature ejaculation
  • Sexual impotence
  • Lack of desire
  • Sexual stimulant
  • Heart problems
  • Renal problems

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Why do they call it the"gold of Himalaya"?????

It was always a prestigious product that could be consumed only by a few. When the market opens and magnify its demand the price came to exceed that of gold itself.

The difficulty of its collection and the grandiloquent of its results make it a diamond desired by many . A country mobilizes a large part of its economy with the export of Yarsagumba.

Entire families can live for a whole year for the sale of their harvest in a month . Those who know him the most, affirm that a regular consumption is necessary. Only this way you get the expected sex life that can not be had without help.

The negative aspects of the Yarsagumba collection

The value and importance it has, financially, for the people of the place it has undesirable repercussions. Death of the weakest

1. Death of the weakest

The ambition or despair, each one will give you the name according to your perspective, cause many deaths each harvest .

On the one hand, the geographical and climatic conditions are very adverse and not everyone can overcome them. On the other, the villagers from different nearby areas, are faced by the delimitation of their soils .

In short, to get the gold of the Himalayas, some get money for the year, but others die in the attempt.

2. Possible extermination of the Yarsagumba

In the eagerness to take the product to the market, it is harvested ahead of time. This does not allow it to branch and a production cycle is cut.

The immediate consequences are less quantity of the desired product and greater increase in its cost.

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